Perspectives features 5 new works for trombone and collaborations with some of the best talent in Music City.  It was recorded in the Summer of 2018 at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.  On it, you’ll hear works by some of the best composers in the industry for trombone plus piano, trombone ensemble, and even loop station!

From the liner notes:

“This album is a dream come true, and a part of my life story; the culmination of many years of planning, thinking, working, and hoping.  The seeds were planted a long time ago, when as a teenager I used to lay on the ground in front of my stereo speakers and let the glorious sounds of my small but growing CD collection wash over me.   And then as a college student, listening over and over to recordings of my musical heroes, reading every word of the liner notes, and sensing (but scarcely believing) the faintest of whispers deep in the recesses of my heart: “Someday.  Someday it’ll be your turn.” And then came the supportive ‘nudges’ from friends, colleagues, and mentors over the years; people who believed, well before I did, that I had something to offer and that people should hear it.

When I finally decided to make my first CD, I had no idea what I was in for.  I didn’t know how much time, resources, and energy would go into it. And I definitely didn’t realize just how much I would learn and how much my life would be enriched in the process.  What I did know was that I wanted my album to be collaborative, original, and authentically personal. I wanted to make music that I cared about with people that I cared about, and I wanted to produce a final product that would communicate something meaningful, beautiful, and enjoyable to anyone who listens.

The first thing I did was surround myself with the best that Nashville has to offer, which is saying a lot.  Every single person associated with this project is someone I trust, I believe in, and I admire. From the stunning virtuosity of my musical collaborators to the technical, logistical, and creative expertise of my production team, every last detail was overseen by someone who is great at their job and life-giving to be around.  The next major decision was deciding what pieces to record.

From the very beginning I had wanted to record an album of music that was written for me, and I am so grateful that I was able to make that a reality.  The first work to be composed was Ewazen’s Redlands Fantasia, which was written specifically for me to premiere at the 2017 International Trombone Festival in Redlands, CA.  I then selected four other composers whose unique musical voice speaks to me and commissioned them to write works specifically for this project.  The works they produced are as fun and challenging to perform as they are wonderful to listen to, and they will make great additions to the trombone repertoire.

It is my sincere hope that you will be moved, entertained, and inspired by what you hear on this album.  I have poured my heart and soul into it, as have many other people. But no matter what your experience, I am simply grateful that you are hearing it.  When I started my career journey, the idea that someone might someday put a Jeremy Wilson album in their CD player was but a faint, distant wish. Now that it’s a reality, all I know to say is “thank you”.  Thanks for helping make a dream come true. Thanks for listening.”


Listing of works

  1. A Liminal Space, David Faleris
    Redlands Fantasia, Eric Ewazen
  2. Andante con moto
  3. Toccata
  4. Loop D Loop, James Stephenson
  5. Calypsiete, David M. Rodgers
    Three Miniatures, Brian Balmages
  6. Intrada
  7. Lullaby
  8. Dance